Tuesday, 16 September 2014

It Doesn't Matter To Me If God Exists

When not talking to the internet infidel type of atheist - the one who stereotypically has a neckbeard, a fedora, and alternating posters of My Little Pony and Richard Dawkins - you quite often find the run-of-the-mill atheist who simply says stuff like: "I haven't really put much thought into it, but I haven't seen God anywhere so I don't believe in him. I don't need him in my life. I'm quite happy as I am so why bother? I'm just not interested."

This to me seems amazingly short-sighted. I just don't get how anyone could think like that.

It's a pretty popular view that God is out there. Billions of people today and through history have believed it. Even if it's not true, there's something here worth taking notice of and thinking about.

Going by the widely held secular views of what religion is about (i.e. at least not what Christianity is about), then God is an ultimate power who all people are answerable to and if he is displeased he will send them to an eternity of burning in hell!

If that was what reality was, then shouldn't people be at least a little concerned about their fate? Wouldn't it be probably the most important thing you ever do to find out if that was true or not!!??!

I'm glad that Christianity isn't that horrific image of a crazy dictator who enjoys everlasting torture, but still, if there are certain things about existence that we need to know, it's a pretty basic duty for us to have a rough idea of what they are!

But anyway, whether or not Christianity is true, or whether God exists at all, and then what our purpose as human beings is, should really the biggest questions people are asking for themselves.
If it turns out that God isn't actually there, then party on. If he is, then make sure you have a ticket to party on for eternity!