Wednesday, 10 December 2014

"What's more damaging"? Science or Religion Meme

Stop! The stupid! It hurts! HAHAHA. Actually it's pretty funny...

Don't you love it when people try to make out there's a conflict between science and religion? Like only one can be true and the other can't? I'm gonna put science in quote marks because this clearly is not a representation of the real thing.

I kind of get where they're coming from with the religion side. We are fallen beings, we are flawed. None of us are perfect. We all have weaknesses. We all make mistakes and do silly things. To say otherwise is called arrogance or pride. Which is something the Bible is very much against.
Christianity teaches us to be humble - to recognise our limits and try to make ourselves better. Yes that means realising that we are broken, flawed, and sinful, but that's the first step to fixing and redeeming ourselves for a greater good. Someone explain to me what's wrong with that?

Dumb and weak? No idea where that comes from. Christianity teaches that God wants us to be strong for him, to stand up for what's right, and always be ready to explain ourselves.

Nothing? All I can guess is that this is an exaggeration of the meme's previous points. Christianity teaches that we are God's special loved creation. We're maybe the most important thing in the universe as far as he's concerned. Before anyone jumps in and accuses me of contradicting the points about humility, check yourself. There's no problem here. We can be really important and imperfect at the same time.

Now let's look at the 'science' side. I don't think science actually says any of these things.

Full of wonder? That's kind of an individual thing isn't it? A lot of people are pretty indifferent about a lot of things. It might be surprising to learn that a lot of people aren't interested in science! Which is a shame, but that's up to them.

Intelligent? George Bush? Jeremy Kyle's guests? The cast of TOWIE? Again it's pretty much an individual thing. 'Science' is being very irresponsible if it's telling everyone they're intelligent. Unless by 'intelligence' it simply means the ability to think. Religion doesn't tell people that they can't think for themselves. Christianity definitely doesn't. It celebrates the wisdom of Solomon and Job among others! Ironically, if we assume 'Scientism' is true, then we actually don't have any ability to think. We would all be meat robots following automatic programming. So 'science' would actually tell us that we aren't intelligent - whatever definition you're using.

Beautiful? Beauty is based on opinions. Science has no way of measuring beauty and so simply can't tell anyone that they are beautiful.

Curious? Isn't this just 'full of wonder' again?

Strong? Not compared to a bear. Or a falling moon. Or some other humans. Or microscopic bacteria. Silly 'science'.

Full of potential? For what? When the planet dies, the sun burns out, or the universe fades out in heat death we'll all be dead and anything we did would be worthless. Wasted potential. Then we really will be nothing.

So let's rearrange the lists to reflect reality:

Full of Potential

Ultimately Nothing
Meat Robots

So which is more damaging?